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Sold to Germany    

1979 Porsche 911 SC

- C00: German Car (LHD)

- original color Oak Metallic Green (265) - not original paint, in very good order.

- dark green leatherette/cloth interior

- original engine could use some TLC, perhaps a small overhaul.

- original space saver (03/79 stamped)

- 107.000 km

- 3.000 cc

- matching numbers - Porsche Certificate of Authenticity

- clean car

- interior, dashboard ànd wheels refurbished,

- new window rubbers all around,

- new window trim,

- new brake disks and brake pads,

- new trunk and booth pumps,

- new clutch,,

- gearbox: new synchro's,

- engine: new spark plugs, oil filter, fuel filter, gaskets

"This 911 SC has been in dry storage for the last 5 years as part of a large private collection. The bodywork is good, presented in its original colour of Oak Metallic Green (265), and whilst not the original paint, it's in very good order throughout with only minor blemishes here and there.  The outer panels are nice and straight with fantastic panel gaps as can be seen in the pictures.

Underneath the car looks straight and solid and even the wiring is all intact as it should be. The car sits on 7x15” 'Cookie Cutters' all round with the correct 03/79 dated space saver under the hood. The interior is very well presented in green, all the carpets are in good order and all of the instruments are reported to work as they should. The windows are manually operated and there is an electric sunroof.  The seats themselves are in good condition and really do complement the coachwork in a late 70’s sort of way. The headlining is also in good condition.

This car was originally sold in Europe and at some point ended up in the States, before being brought over to the UK around."


option codes:

- 197: Battery 88Ah

- 261: passanger door mirror, elec. adjustable, heated

- 395: Fuchs Wheels 16" (6Jx16 - 7Jx16)

- 423: rear window wiper

- 440: Antenna (left) & speakers

- 494: speakers on parcel shelf

- 496: black look external trim, colour-coded headlamp rims

- 565: leather sport steering wheel

- 568: tinted glazing

- 570: central console

- 650: electrical sunroof













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